Bitcoin Loophole Platform Review

Another sophisticated Trading algorithm, or a well-designed scam?


Bitcoin Loophole is a well-designed platform, with a great user interface and online support. But is it a scam or a great trading tool that will help you profit?  In the next review, we will tell you exactly what to expect from the Bitcoin Loophole if it is a scam or another great trading machine.

In recent months, there is a new awakening in the Cryptocurrency markets. When this month Bitcoin has broken new records. More investors are seeing the potential in Bitcoin and starting to understand it won’t just vanish as people expected it at the end of 2018 when it dived from $19,000 to about $3,000 in a few months. It might take the world some time to adapt to an era that Bitcoin will take a part of our daily lives, but that era seems to come in faster than we think.

But before I start, you should know that there are many fake links out there. You can’t be too careful. If you do want to try the Bitcoin Loophole Autobot use only the secure link by Clicking >> HERE.

 Is Bitcoin Loophole a Genuine?

“Sometimes It’s better not to listen to the Competition, and just try it by yourself.”

The experts do have a point when criticizing cryptocurrencies as the field is filled with unmitigated scams and frauds. There are numerous scams out there. But after testing the Bitcoin Loophole for two weeks, we can surely say that it is not a scam.

“Another highly positive point is the fact that after you have made your profits from the Bitcoin Loophole, you can easily, and simply withdraw your funds.”

The Bitcoin Loophole is a trading platform that helps beginner and expert users to upgrade their winning trades by its own algorithmic Autobot software. The bot analyzes markets and forecasts Cryptocurrency trends. When its algorithm detects a high chance of winning a trade, it notifies the user or even makes the trade by itself. The process occurs in fractions of a second due to high-speed servers that are located in different spots on a worldwide scale.

How Do I Access the Bitcoin Loophole?

First of all, accessing the Bitcoin Loophole is free of charge. The system does not charge you money for using it. But they do charge a small fee when making winning trades. This hand rule is actually pretty intriguing since they only profit when you profit. For us, it made the system much more credible as the Autobot must work in order for the developers to profit.

Another highly positive point is the fact that after you have made your profits from the Bitcoin Loophole, you can easily, and simply withdraw your funds. This is an important factor of trading effectively and the Bitcoin Loophole fully understands this. They have made great efforts that you will receive your funds in 48 hours after requesting them.

“Even if you are an expert or $250 is little for you, we suggest to start with the minimum, learn the Autobot and the system and once you master it, invest more to gain more profits. “

In order to follow the steps, you need to enter the secure Bitcoin Loophole link by clicking here -> Bitcoin Loophole Secure Link.

What are the Benefits of Using Bitcoin Loophole?

Today, trading platforms offer you mostly a place to trade cryptocurrencies and other commodities. Some have more trading options than others, but that sums it.

The Bitcoin Loophole offers much more than just a trading platform. When you fund your account, the Bitcoin Loophole will open a variety of different features that will help you maximize your profits:

  • The autobot provides signals to help you make winning trades.
  • It offers a vast number of studying videos that will expand your market and trading knowledge.
  • Bitcoin Loophole has a demo trading account feature that lets you trade virtual currency in order to understand and learn the market before you start to make real trading decisions.

However, the best feature of them all is the Bitcoin Loophole Autobot.

The Bitcoin Loophole Autobot can help novice and expert users to make better trading decisions and profits. It will analyze the market for you, finds in a fraction of a second market trends, and will buy or sell accordingly. We found that the system’s Autobot can make more than 81% winning trades with the right settings. It is an astounding trading tool that could bring you great profits even if you don’t have a lot of expertise in the field.

We say it again, first, try investing the minimum funds required. After you study and understand how to operate the Bitcoin Loophole Autobot, then add funds to increase your gains and always remember that trading involves risk.

What Are The Most advanced Features The Bitcoin Loophole Has To Offer?

As an excellent cryptocurrency trading and investment platform, the Bitcoin Loophole software offers comprehensive highly-useful features.

Trading Portfolio – Sharing

The Bitcoin Loophole trading platform allows you to see and copy the best trading portfolios that experts traders share. That means that even if you are a beginner, or just want to expand your trading portfolio you can see the best profiting portfolios and copy them in a click of a button. This feature will help you learn more from experts and understand how to spot investment opportunities.

Another great platform that has a great portfolio sharing is the eToro platform. You could check it out in the eToro Review we have made.

Bitcoin Loophole Track Records

The Bitcoin Loophole Autobot Trading Bot tracks each and every trading decision it makes. As a user, you can see those records, and identify how and when the Autobot makes the trades.

From the time the platform has created its Autotrading robot, it has done remarkably well. The Bitcoin Loophole has managed to surpass other leading competition to rise to the top of the Autobot-based trading markets. To have information transparent for its users is not obvious. This feature can help any user understand better the market trends and become a better trader.


The Bitcoin Loophole does not have any hidden fees, no shady brokers, or hidden charges. The way they profit is by taking a small fee of your winning trades. This is actually a very good sign that the Bitcoin Loophole is legit since they are profiting only if you profit, which means thier algorithm must work for them to profit.

Multiple Platforms Supported

The Bitcoin Loophole supports a verity of platforms such as IOS, Android, mobile phones and computers. It does not require a special computer since the algorithm runs on thier own worldwide servers. It’s able to work on stationary and mobile platforms like desktops, laptops, and smartphones. From our two weeks trying the Bitcoin Loophole, we did not find any bugs or problems while trying it on different operating systems or devices.

How Much Profit Will The Bitcoin Loophole Make Me?

This is one of the first questions users ask when they sign in a new Autotrading software. It is a difficult question to answer. It depends greatly on your way of trading. Nevertheless, the Bitcoin Loophole Autobot has shown us a staggering win rate of over 81%.

In the two first days of using the Autotrader, we made 289$ on an initial investment of $250. That is more than 100% in 48 hours. We did not get the eye poppling numbers some ads said we would, but getting more than 100% in two days is quite rewarding.

Those profits we gained were obtained while using the Autobot. You could always switch to manual trading, once you feel confident enough in your own ability. Also, if you prefer to stay with the Bitcoin Loophole auto-trader, then you can increase the level of risk. Typically, the profits will also be proportionate.

Signing In

When you enter the Bitcoin Loophole website, you will need to fill in a short registration form. Once you fill it, you will be transferred to a private members section where you can start trading Bitcoin.

The only thing you will need in order to start using the Bitcoin Loophole Autobot is funding your account. We recommend funding it with the minimum funds required – $250. Even if you are an expert or $250 is little for you, we suggest to start with the minimum, learn the Autobot and the system and once you have mastered it, invest more to gain more profits.

After you fund your account, the Autobot will give you access to many different features in addition to its Autobot. Features and services such as price chars, educational trading tools, and professional customer service. Those features will open the moment you deposit your initial funds.

Starting to Autotrade using the Bitcoin Loophole Autobot

The major asset the Bitcoin Loophole has to offer, and the reason most traders want to use it is its Autobot algorithm. We were a bit skeptical at first, as many promises have been made by the creators of the system. But once we started using it we got addicted. We did not make $1,300 a day from our $250 as some ads declared, but we did make $193 after 24 hours. That over 75% of profits in one day.  Truly amazing to be honest.

If you are wondering how does the Bitcoin Loophole Autobot does it you can just keep on reading.

No delay, no special terms, the withdrawal process is easy and fast. A huge plus for the Bitcoin Loophole. 

Once you activate the Bitcoin Loophole Autobot, its algorithm scans the market at remarkably high speed, while looking for market trends that can affect the Bitcoins price. The moment it finds such a trend and calculates it has a high chance of being a successful trader, the Aubot places the trade for you. In addition, you can set the Autobot to trade signals manually, putting you in control of the trading actions.

You should know that there are many fake links out there. You can’t be too careful. If you do want to try the Bitcoin Loophole use only the secure link by Clicking >> HERE.


A major kryptonite for most trading platforms is the withdrawal Process. Some trading platforms work fantastic, with high winning rates. But when it comes to withdrawing your profits, many problems start to occur. You need to answer security questions, uploading your passport, handing in bank accounts. While those requests are legit, some systems will leave you in “process mode” for weeks, claiming you have not uploaded or filled the right information. Your profits might be even stuck for months in some systems.

The Bitcoin Loophole surprised us. When we wanted to withdraw our profits after two successful weeks, all we needed to do is visit the members area, and make a withdrawal request. Soon after that, we entered our bank account information, and 48 hours later we received every penny of our profits. No delay, no special terms, the withdrawal process was easy and fast. A huge plus for the platform.

If you do want to try the Bitcoin Loophole software use only the secure link by Clicking >> HERE.

Where Can I Use The Bitcoin Loophole?

The Bitcoin Loophole software can be used on both mobile devices and desktop, and from any browser you chose. It does not require any special installation or a high-end computer. This is due to the fact the algorithm runs on their worldwide servers and not on each individual computer or phone.

The fact that you can use it anywhere, and on any device that is connected to the internet provides great convenience and flexibility. In addition, you do not have to sit in front of your computer for hours, analyzing the market by yourself, and trying to make winning trades. The platform can be set to Automated trading mode, which gives him full control of the analysis and trading options. The Software will trade according to the parameters you set in advance meaning you can relax while the Bitcoin Loophole makes the right decisions for you.

Bitcoin Loophole sign up process

The system has a very easy sign-up process, one that is free one charge and takes two minutes to finish. All you need in order to sign up for the Bitcoin Loophole is your name, email address, and phone number during the registration process.

If you do want to try the Bitcoin Loophole software use only the secure link by Clicking >> HERE.

Bitcoin Loophole; Stands Out Above the Others.

The Bitcoin Loophole Review – Conclusion

After looking thoroughly into the Bitcoin Loophole program, signing up, and going through their website and app, I can guarantee that the Bitcoin Loophole is not a scam. We have been using it for two weeks, and even without optimizing the setup, we made $193 on the first day, only with our initial investment.  You might not become a millionaire over a few months as some ads say, but you will certainly gain high profits that are far better than any other trading software out there.

The Bitcoin Loophole fits both newbie traders, who have never traded Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in their life and expert traders alike. It is a fantastic tool, that is easy to use and operate, with excellent support that answers every question you have via email and phone. One downfall is that they do not have online chat representatives.

Just remember one rule, invest only the minimum required even if its a little amount for you, learn the basics and then when you master the Autobot setting, invest more to gain more profits.

It does not involve money to sign in the Bitcoin Loophole. But there is a limitation of spots each day. This feature is meant to keep the system at top-notch. If you get a chance to sign take it you might not get another one in the next few days.

We rate the Bitcoin Loophole –  4 out of 5 stars.

If you do want to try the Bitcoin Loophole software use only the secure link by clicking >> HERE.