Immediate Edge Bot Review 2020 is it Real or not?

Immediate Edge Bot Review 2020: The number of people who are attracted to online trading is increasing day by day. The main reason behind the people’s attraction is that they want to become rich in days and nights. Everyone is in a hurry and wants to earn more and more in a short time.

Due to ups and downs, the volatility of the digital currency is very high and sometimes people lose their investment because they have not done the trade at the right time and on the right broker. By analyzing this difficulty in trading, many bot softwares have developed to ease the process of crypto trading and to help traders to earn thousands of dollars in days.

I have, almost, covered every crypto trading software available in the markets and come with immediate Edge Bot. I will try to cover every aspect of the Immediate Edge Bot so that you can have a clear idea of this software after reading the review without wasting any time.

  • What is Immediate Edge Bot?
  • How to register yourself on Immediate Edge Bot?
  • How Immediate Edge Bot works?
  • Highly Success rate in the market
  • High Speed and Performance
  • Automated and Manual Trading Options
  • Ease of Using Software
  • Is it Secure or Legit?
  • Good Customer Support
  • Conclusion

What is Immediate Edge Bot?

Immediate Edge Bot is the automated crypto software that is designed using an advanced algorithm and artificial intelligence. The soul-purpose of the software is to make you rich. It is a unique software which has made its name in the crypto markets due to its high success rate.

The algorithm used in the Immediate Edge Bot is very up-to-dated and the artificial intelligence integrated makes it a very secure platform for automated crypto trading. Immediate Edge Bot has helped hundreds of its users to make money in thousand dollars and users’ reviews about the site can be been on the first page.

Immediate Edge Bot is scanning the top brokers of the world for you and find the cheapest rates for purchasing and expensive rates for selling your crypto. Its execution in seconds makes it a more charming platform for making a profit.

How to register yourself on Immediate Edge Bot?

The process to sign up on the Immediate Edge Bot is very simple and easy to follow for everyone. When you open the site by searching in the search box, you will be redirected to the front page of the site. On the first page, you will see the section where you have to put the first name, last name, and email address.

After pasting your name and email address, you will be directed to the next page where you will have to create a strong password for the account. Besides creating your password, you will also provide the phone number along with the country of residence.

When you give all the required information about yourself for the identification, your account for the software will be created. Through a demo account, you can survey the whole site and find out how it works and checks its security and speed rate for making trades.

How Immediate Edge Bot works?

You should know before using the software that how it works and how it will help you to make a profit from crypto trading. After the successful creation of the account, you need to deposit the minimum account. The minimum deposit that is accepted on the site is $250. After deposit, you are ready to use the automated software.

There are many brokers or crypto exchanges in the market. Every exchange has its own rates for selling and buying digital currencies. It usually happens that the volume of trades and the price of crypto such as Bitcoin may be different at different exchanges at the same time. Here comes the role of Immediate Edge Bot because it buys the Bitcoin from the one broker at less price and sells that BTC at a high price on another broker or exchange.

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Highly Success rate in the market

The striking difference between the automated and manual crypto trading is the success rate. Automated soft wares have a high success rate and the minimum success rates should be 80%. The success rate of the Immediate Edge Bot is 98.9% which is more than any other automated software.

The higher the success rate the higher will be profit. The high profits will make you rich. You can earn from $950 to $2200 in a single day as it is mentioned on the front page and approved by users’ comments.

High Speed and Performance

The software is based on the advanced algorithm and with the use of artificial intelligence, it has very outstanding speed and performance.

Manually, you cannot explore the various brokers or exchanges to find the best selling and buying rates but Immediate Edge Bot works in seconds. It scans all the trusted and recognized brokers of the cryptocurrency and finds the most charming rates for buying and selling cryptocurrency.

Automated and Manual Trading Options

Immediate Edge Bot is providing you the two options for your comfort: one is an automated mode and the other one is manual mode. When putting the automated mode on, the software will automatically make trades by scanning various brokers without your any involvement

But on the other hand, when you select the manual mode, the whole control over the trading activities will be in your hands. The selection of the modes is dependent on your choice and expertise level.

Ease of Using Software

The striking feature of the software is that it is very easy to use. The algorithm underlying it is created in such a manner that everything is in its right place and easy to navigate. No one will face any kind of difficulty or problem while executing the software.

Using Immediate Edge Bot is easy for both the professionals and newcomers. If one is, first time, involved the crypto trading, he or she will be able to earn in thousands without any prior experience with Immediate Edge Bot automated software.

Is it Secure or Legit?

Immediate Edge Bot put a great emphasis on security. You must have not any doubt about its security because it is a legitimate platform. The users’ reviews about the software are giving us its trusty nature. Your invested money is a hundred percent safe on the platform.

You can withdraw your funds any time whenever you want because these funds are your and Immediate Edge Bot has no claim over your assets. There is no such complaint about the software that can doubt its security or trusty nature.

Good Customer Support

Customers or users make companies and startups to grow and be successful. Therefore, customer’s needs and wants must be the first priority of any platform

Immediate Edge Bot has a very responsive customer support section. The solution any query or problem of user is provided by the professional team behind the software. If you have any query related to software, trading or withdrawing money, you can contact them through the ‘Contact Us’ section.


Immediate Edge Bot automated software is the best platform for you to earn from the trading of cryptocurrency. It can help you to make thousands of dollars in the weeks. The software is integrated with the top most crypto exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex and many others. The success rate and its performance make it more charming and trustworthy.