Obituaries For the Markets

“With every day the value of Bitcoin continues to rise and due to the internet it is easy to purchase products or services in and around the world at a very low price. A lot of people have recently begun to make money by trading on this new type of currency. When the market crashes, these traders often lose everything they have earned and that’s when we get the people writing obituaries for the markets.”

Obituaries are not something that I am normally a fan of, but in this case they are quite appropriate. The market has become unstable and many traders are trying to unload their holdings in anticipation of its downfall. Therefore, it is necessary to post obituaries of sorts as more traders are trying to unload their Bitcoin holdings. These obituaries are an attempt to explain the failure and subsequent loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars of holdings.

Obituaries are generally pretty dry and simply tell you how much your Bitcoins were worth when you wrote them. There is no humor or entertainment in these obituaries. There is really no reason for an obituary writer to write about your demise.

If you think the obituaries for the markets have an overall negative tone, you are correct. Many of these obituaries are written by actual people with strong opinions. What they fail to realize is that they will most likely get hate mail from people who would never consider trading in the markets due to your demise.

Because of the recent Bitcoin market instability, there are a lot of bad things being said about the obituaries, as well as what they may not tell you. You might even come across claims that your death was caused by the instability of the market, which has now proven untrue by the events of the past few days.

I believe there are a lot of bad things happening with the obituaries for the markets and I want to warn everyone that they may have to deal with a lot of negativity in the near future. If you are losing money consistently then you must take some time to contemplate what your options are. There are many people who still hold onto a large amount of Bitcoin and this may be something that is worth looking into.

As of now, it appears that the market is stabilizing and people are figuring out how to price it and hopefully earn a profit. This means that the market will stabilize for the most part, and at least now people are doing the necessary steps to trading safely.

What I have found in my experience is that I need to look at the long term perspective in order to make sure that I am doing the right thing. I always like to understand the trends of the market before I place any money into it. In this case, it has worked out great for me and I feel better knowing that I am still holding onto a large amount of Bitcoin.

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