Youtube Superstar KSI ‘JJ’ Says ‘I’m Really Into Crypto, Bitcoin Is the Future

In an interview published Friday by GQ magazine, KSI, a well-known rapper and Youtuber, discussed bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

KSI is Olajide Olayinka Wilkins Olatunji’s real name. He is also known by the nickname JJ. The Sunday Times ranked him second in its 2019 list of top 100 U.K influencers. He is also part the British Youtube group, the Sidemen.

KSI responded to a question on what he would do if he was prime minister.

I would give everybody PS100 worth bitcoin. It’s like a Bitcoin stimulus package for everyone. Crypto is something I am passionate about. Bitcoin is my future.

He said, “It’s certainly going to be long-term, but in ten year’s time, people who invested” would be laughing.

KSI then compared bitcoin to fiat currency. “Just think about how inflationary money is compared to bitcoin. It is not. He emphasized that there is a fixed amount to bitcoin. You can’t increase it and that it has value.

It seems like many people don’t see that. They are looking for quick cash like “Oh, I want in and out.” This is a long-term thing, and I’m here to enjoy the ride.

Last month, he shared the story of how he made millions of pounds investing in cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, and ‘lost it all’ when the crypto market ‘crashed.’ He believes that eventually, you will get a $100,000 bitcoin and a $500,000 Bitcoin, as well as a $1,000,000 bitcoin. It is going to happen.

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